June 23-27, 2020     Online edition,    Romania

The Proceedings of ModTech2019 is now available on WoS.

Sponsors Conference ModTech 2020

Cotnari Iasi

Executive Council of ModTech Professional Association (2017-2021), Iasi-Romania

President: Prof.univ.dr.ing.ec. Dumitru Nedelcu

Vice President: Prof.univ.dr.ing. Octavian Pruteanu, DHC

Secretary: Dr. Simona-Nicoleta Mazurchevici

Members: Prof.univ.dr.ing. Radu Comaneci

Assoc. Prof. univ.dr.ing. Constantin Carausu

Assoc. Prof. univ.dr.ing. Ciprian Ciofu

Assoc. Prof. univ.dr.ing. Viorel Cohal

ing. Daniel Marguta

Dr.ing. Daniel Mindru

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