June 24-27,   2024, Kuala Lumpur,   Malaysia

ModTech 2024: The deadline for full paper is April 15th, 2024.

Sponsors Conference ModTech 2024

Cotnari Iasi

The Newest Partnership 2024


Conference Topics ModTech 2024

  • A. Engineering of Manufacturing Processes: Novel Manufacturing Methods, Advances in Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes, Virtual Manufacturing; Advanced Methods and Tools for Computer Integrated Manufacturing; New Industrial Applications; Smart Manufacturing; Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
  • B. Advances in Composite Materials and Technologies:Advanced Metals, Ceramics and Polymers; Bio-Materials; Recycling of Materials
  • C. Characterization, Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Processes:Mechanical, Structural, Phsical and Geometrical Characterization; Probabilistic Modeling and Analysis
  • D. Robotica and Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Industrial Robots; CIM Systems; Biological Inspired Robotics; Social Robotics; Entertainment Robotics
  • E. Technology Transfer:Knowledge Management Case Studies; Knowledge Communications; Knowledge Portals; Innovation and Engineering Education; Business Intelligence; Business process; Modeling and Analysis; Process Planning and Flexible Workflow; Security in Business process
  • F. Micro and ano Technologies: New Developments in Micro/Nano Scale Processes; Fabrication of Nanostructure and Materials; Nanofilms, nano-bubbles, Nano-droplets, nano fluids
  • G. Maritime Engineering and Navigation: Maritime Engineering and Technologies
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