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  • In 1989, THE GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS IN ROMANIA, a professional, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit association. under supervision of the Law, has been reconstituted as a lawful successor of the original associations.
  • AGIR is a National member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and European Federation of Engineering National Associations (FEANI).
  • AGIR has a federal structure, comprising 24 territorial branches and 21 specialty-based associations.
  • Objectives: to promote the unity of the engineering profession in Romania, in order to increase the contribution of engineers to technical, scientific, economic and social development in Romania, to support the development of technical and scientific research, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the Romanian economy, to act in order to obtain legal protection for the engineers’ title and the practice of the profession, to organize professional debates on the most important issues of the national economy, to ensure a wide exchange of knowledge and experience among its members and the access to technical information for the Romanian engineering community, in order to increase the efficiency of their activity and to attain a higher social and professional level, to support the members’ free initiative in organizing enterprises, productive associations and independent activities, using the association means.
  • In view of its purpose and objectives, the association: establishes commissions to study and to debate the scientific problems, presents AGIR’s viewpoints in legislative governmental bodies, organizes meetings, symposia and conferences in specific or general interest fields, cooperates with academies, such as the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, universities, engineering institutes, governmental bodies, trade unions and other non-governmental organizations (NGO), cooperates actively and steadily with other national and international engineers organizations, organizes and participates in national and international conferences, congresses and colloquia, publishes its own periodicals and maintains its own library and information centers.
  • The association has its own publishing house and its own bimonthly publication, "Engineering Universe" containing information about the internal and international technical and scientific information.
  • Every year, the AGIR Price is awarded to the most valuable engineering works achieved and applied during the previous year. This event promotes the newest engineering achievement in all domains, identifies new projects and the integration of the Romanian specialists in the activities of the international scientific community.

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