June 24-27,   2024, Kuala Lumpur,   Malaysia

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The Newest Partnership 2024


Constanta Maritime University, Romania

  • Constanta Maritime University, CMU, http://www.cmu-edu.eu/ENG/broshure.pdf, is the national leader university in marine engineering and navigation. The university is structured into two faculties: 'Marine Electro-mechanics Faculty' and 'Navigation and Naval Transport'. CMU is a state university under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (http://www.edu.ro/).
  • The graduates are engineers and maritime officers. Since maritime transport is a globalized activity, the University has to comply with the rules and standards imposed by the international governing authority, the International Maritime Organization (http://www.imo.org/).
  • CMU offers a complete set of studies, including Master’s Degree and Doctoral Studies. In order to enhance the educational process which today is 4-years long, CMU uses modern laboratories and up-to-date simulators for the subjects dedicated to the maritime specialization.
  • CMU is involved in different scientific, research & development and educational projects at national and international level. In despite of the actual crisis, the University has the necessary resources to continue its development, because of its predictive and proactive management and because of some important international projects.
  • Web page: http://www.cmu-edu.eu/ENG/prezentare.html

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