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Cotnari Iasi

The Newest Partnership 2024


Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania

  • The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) is a prestigious Romanian university, classified as a university for advanced research and education, according to the Ministry of Education& Research Order (MECTS nr. 5262/2011) and being also a relevant component of the research and development system of national interest according to ANCS Decision No. 9708/29.07.2009. TUIASI develops programs for undergraduate, master, doctoral, postdoctoral studies and scientific research in 14 research areas, out of which 10 areas were classified in the category A, according to Law 1/2011 and HG 789/2011. The doctoral activity is organized within 10 doctoral schools including 13 doctoral fields developed according to national and international research priority areas, with a total of 478 doctoral students co-ordinated by 78 doctoral Ph.D. supervisors. TUIASI participated in the last 3 years as coordinator or partner in several structural funded programs such as: 38 POSDRU projects (doctoral, post-doctoral, improvement of B.Sc. or M.Sc. curricula, etc), 5 POSCCE projects and 1 POR project.
  • TUIASI has an important research dimension, with 23 accredited research/excellence centers and laboratories (out of which 1 laboratory accredited by RENAR) focused on creating and transferring knowledge, especially in multi-disciplinary high-tech engineering areas. These centers/laboratories activate within national & international research grants or contracts with industry and governmental organizations, their activities and results placing TUIASI in the Romanian top of scientific research.
  • The activity in the area of scientific research, innovation and technology transfer in multi- and trans-disciplinary fields in the last three years (2012-2014) was materialized in: 110 research grants as coordinator and 42 grants as partner, won by national competitions, 37 grants won by international competitions, 154 research contracts realized on the basis of industrial requests and contracts. All these research activities were made visible through the publication of more than 1740 papers in ISI ranked journals, 1211 papers published in journals indexed in international databases (BDI), 494 books and books chapters published at international and national level, 36 awarded patents (OSIM) and 142 requests for patents.
  • Dissemination of research results is supported also by the means of the TUIASI international journals: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (ISI Impact Factor 1.258), and the Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi, a publication with 10 specialized sections. Also, TUIASI provides administrative support, human resources, research infrastructure, the informational basis of the university’s Library, consulting and monitoring needed to adequately develop and implement all the scientific research projects.

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