June 24-27,   2024, Kuala Lumpur,   Malaysia

ModTech 2024 - The full paper immediately follows the accepted abstract by March 15th 2024 at the latest.

Sponsors Conference ModTech 2024

Cotnari Iasi

The Newest Partnership 2024



FSRo 2024 International Conference


  • Contact person: Ana - Georgiana Lupu, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, "Gheorghe Asachi" Tehnical University of Iasi
  • Email: ana-georgiana.lupu@academic.tuiasi.ro
  • ModTech Professional Association

  • Contact person: Simona - Nicoleta Mazurchevici, Faculty of Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management, "Gheorghe Asachi" Tehnical University of Iasi
  • Email: simona-nicoleta.mazurchevici@academic.tuiasi.ro

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