June 14-17,   2023, Continental Forum Hotel, Bucharest,   Romania

Hybrid Edition of the ModTech2023 Int Conference due to many requests.

Sponsors Conference ModTech 2023

Cotnari Iasi

Executive Council of ModTech Australia Branch, Australia

President: Distinguished Professor Zhengyi Jiang, University of Wollongong

Vice President:Associate Professor Sarah Zhang, Western University of Sydney

Secretary:Associate Professor Dongbin Wei, University of Technology Sydney


Professor Han Huang, The University of Queensland

Professor Richard Yang, Western University of Sydney

Professor Jianqiang Zhang, The University of New South Wales

Dr. Mingyuan Lu, The University of Queensland

Dr. Haibo Xie, University of Wollongong

Dr. Andy Wu, University of Wollongong


President:Distinguished Professor Zhengyi Jiang, University of Wollongong

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